(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question:  Will there be a price break if attending both nights?
     Answer:  No.  Prices have been cut to a minimum for each night.

Question:  Why are both nights in one place?
      Answer:  For convenience.  Ease of not having to travel to/from hotel.

Question:  Will I have to pay for parking?
Answer:  Hotel guests and reunion attendees receive complimentary parking.

Question:  Is there breakfast available at the hotel?
     Answer:  Yes.  Note: breakfast is included in the cost of a hotel room.

Question:  Is there a deadline for signing up for the Saturday event?
     Answer:  Yes.  We have to commit headcount to the caterers by September 1.

Question:  How can I make payment if I do not want to do so over the internet?
     Answer:  Please call Bob Larson at 847-634-2771